Beyond Energy Medicine Video Series

Beyond Energy Medicine™Video Series

Beyond Energy Medicine Academy has created this information rich, entertaining and inspiring free video series that can make a big difference in your energy, your health and your destiny!

These videos deliver a clear and inspiring overview of the challenges we face with living in today’s modern world, providing inspirational content and techniques filled with information that can change the way you understand your body as an energy system and where our world truly operates dynamically and interdependently.The principles and practices of Beyond Energy Medicine have been transformative for so many people. That’s because Energy Medicine is for everyone. It’s designed for anyone who wants to learn the body’s language of energy, enjoy vibrant health, improve memory and mental clarity, and feel more joy in life. So many of us feel stuck in a world that tells us how to think, how to feel, and especially how to be in this world. Beyond Energy Medicine Academy helps us shatter the myths of conventional thinking and teaches the art and science of who we are as energetic beings. With a deep, state-of-the-art understanding of the emerging science of consciously orchestrating the energies of brain and heart, body, mind and spirit, you too can come to understand and be on the forefront of the biggest movement of our time, the Energy Revolution. Here at the Academy we are involved with a new kind of education, timely learning that is shifting the way we relate to ourselves, to one another, and ultimately the world.

We invite you to experience how the Academy is changing the way the world understands the strange new world of quantum physics by providing a fresh, new, and transformative approach that can truly take us where we want to go. Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

The Energy Revolution, the Big Picture of Energy Medicine and Quantum Physics Living in an Interconnected Universe Awakening the Ancient Healer Within Shaping the Future of Medicine and How We Heal Understanding Energy Anatomy and How Energy Moves The Difference Between Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology Eden Energy Medicine, pioneers Donna Eden and David Feinstein The Beyond Energy Medicine Model - 10-Minute Daily Energy Routine Exciting New Fields of Beyond Energy medicine and Mind body Science And much more . . .

We’re confident you’ll receive a huge value for the brief but potent time you’ll spend with these videos. Please tune in and experience a whole new approach to learning about the “wizard of us,” how we heal, and how we are living in an interconnected universe. It is my heart’s desire that you will feel inspired and ready to experience vibrant health and bliss – our birthright – shaping and bringing forth all that you know who you are meant to be! Madeline Angelus, founder of Beyond Energy Medicine Academy, author Energy Medicine and Beyond, Your Healing Guide for the 21st Century, has dedicated her life to studying the inner workings of who we are, the delicate chemistry and hardcore mechanics of the human body, and the impact of modern-day stressors of fast-paced toxic lifestyles - and she wants to share them with you.