Our Philosophy

Bridging the Gap between Western Science and Eastern Healing Technologies

Beyond Energy Medicine Academy has a huge mission to share with you and the world. We want to mentor and support thousands of people and show them how to reach wellness at warp speed. Our Mission is big and we are doing it with some of the most innovative and effective Energy Medicine techniques and trainings in the world. By bringing together the high-tech science of the west and at the high touch energy wisdom of the east, you can join a powerful new movement that is changing how the world understands the true nature of our interconnected universe. And it’s called the Energy Revolution. Our mission at Beyond Energy Medicine Academy is to help you learn high-speed techniques that can recharge your physical, emotional and energetic state in seconds. You’ll discover revolutionary new tools that are shaping the future of wellness and how we heal.

By helping you create a life you have always dreamed, a life so incredible, so full of love that you thank the Universe each morning you are alive, we’re helping lead the charge in what we see in a much needed mission to reunite Energy Medicine and Quantum Science.

At Beyond Energy Medicine Academy, it is our heart’s desire to help you reconnect with your power, tap into something bigger, more profound than we have been taught and be a part of community, a tribe where you can actualize your deepest potential physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. At the Academy we hold a belief that we are meant to live a life so beautiful, so full of energy and so full of “life and passion,” that each moment unfolds in magical ways. If you believe the cure you seek is within. If you have had a fleeting thought or if you know without a shadow of a doubt we are on the front edge of an Energy Revolution that will change how we view life. . . we are here and ready to help you live beyond the paradigms of conventional thinking.

By learning simple energy medicine techniques and processes you will tap into warp speed healing transforming how you live in your body, how you interact in the world, and ultimately, how the world views life, heart, mind, soul and spirit. If you got here because you’re curious, or perhaps you are nterested in Energy Medicine, or maybe you just stumbled upon us, we are here to tell you, you’ve arrived at the right place. Because Energy Medicine is about an exciting new paradigm that truly bridges the gap between western science and eastern healing technologies.

We are on a mission to help you change your energy, change your health and ultimately, change your destiny. We believe we can help you unlock the healing power of Energy Medicine that resides inside of you, creating the life you have always dreamed. This is a time to dive deep and make the biggest waves any person or culture can make.

Beyond Energy Medicine Academy believes this is the time of an approach that celebrates life in all its glory, and honor all of whom we are as human beings with our whole heart, our expansive mind, eternal soul and our unique energy. We look forward to meeting you in person or in one of our international and online trainings and programs!

Madeline Angelus, founder of Beyond Energy Medicine Academy, author Energy Medicine and Beyond, Your Healing Guide for the 21st Century, has dedicated her life to studying the inner workings of who we are, the delicate chemistry and hardcore mechanics of the human body, and the impact of modern-day stressors of fast-paced toxic lifestyles - and she wants to share them with you.