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Madeline Angelus, founder of Beyond Energy Medicine Academy, author Beyond Energy Medicine, Your Personal Healing Guide for the Challenges of the 21st century holds a Master’s degree in Social Artistry with Dr. Jean Houston from the Graduate Theological Foundation (associated with Oxford), and is a certified Practitioner with Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine.

After 6 years of study with Dr. Houston, Madeline found herself hospitalized with unknown diagnosis and her immune system totally compromised. When drugs and pending surgery offered no hope, she reached beyond the box of conventional medicine and found her cure of intense health issues in the subatomic space of her own body - Energy Medicine and alternative therapy. She knew at the time the illness was a “gift” as it inspired her to learn, grow and heal herself and ultimately help others to do the same.

These exciting new discoveries allowed her to delve into the science of quantum physics, learn to apply Energy Medicine principles in her own daily life and ultimately in her clinical practice, while watching the magic unfold. Madeline says: “We will never understand the body’s energies without honoring the principles introduced by Donna Eden and David Feinstein. Truly, Energy Medicine (Donna Eden) is the backbone for understanding the body and its relationship to how we heal. Thank you, Donna and David.”

Since healing her own intense health issues, Madeline has made it her life’s passion and mission to create such an approach by bringing cutting edge technologies to light - and sharing it with others in a fun and exciting way. She believes each of us can utilize our personal journey as a voyage of discovery and when we willingly embrace discomfort and adversity, we test the limits of physical and spiritual powers and open to the possibility of tapping into the science of miracles.

Madeline has worked with thousands of people in her Clinic located in Boulder, CO. She has gained a reputation for being able to help people with complex health issues using Energy Medicine techniques where she combines a unique fusion with colon hydrotherapy (Energy Medicine Colon HydrotherapyTM), sound healing, energy psychology, nutrition and more.

“I love Energy Medicine and I love the Energy Revolution. Whatever your health care challenges, bring them along. We will help you shatter the myths of conventional thinking, find hope, courage and inspiration, as we help you tap into light-speed healing - Energy Medicine within your own body, heart, mind, and spirit.” (Madeline Angelus)

Madeline is a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, member of the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy, is a certified Instructor and recognized School through I-ACT and the National Board for Colon Hydrotherapy, and a Senior Faculty member for Advanced Colonic Techniques School and Clinic in Boulder, Colorado.

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“Thank you for being part of a community committed to exploring and helping change the way the world understands Energy. May the Energy Revolution be with you in profound ways.” (Madeline Angelus)

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